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Christopher Drake

@AlysonMetzger @Economic_Fugazi @JoeBiden @TheDemocrats ...happen all the time, and it is disingenuous to pretend t… https://t.co/liPbnP8qKF


31 minutes ago

Engineering Daily

[Job] A/V Systems Design Engineer | Company: Midwest Systems and Services | Location: Louisville KY Kentucky United… https://t.co/wJi2W7p5ed


4 hours ago

Olivia Poulin

RT @GoodviewSandlot: 🥎💣💣💣 Grace was on fire this weekend with 3 bombs, 2 of which came in the same game to help seal the deal against Midwe…


9 hours ago

John Nolan

@jonschaeffer Remember when he didn’t start the 2017 Midwest League All-Star Game? lol


10 hours ago

Queen Rae👑💙

@MajdaGAWD Same come get me out the Midwest so we can go g


11 hours ago

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