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Arijit Guin

@Clash_with_Ash clash Royale balance changes means to nerf the Ewiz


35 minutes ago


@ShadowGoneRogue Your using the Golem royal ghost deck 🤔 With Ewiz and cannon cart 🌚👀


1 hour ago

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Luke Rosiak

A House internal investigation found Pakistanis made "unauthorized access" to servers, logged in as members of Cong… https://t.co/ilIJUVkHAk


1 day ago


Downtime for V.2.2.0 will begin at approximately 7:00am ET (12:00 GMT) on Jan 18. Servers will be unavailable while… https://t.co/yd5hINnFzM


8 hours ago

Luke Rosiak

#Awanbrothers were banned from Congress based on an official report that blared CONTINUING UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS abou… https://t.co/tpZjVumP9H


15 hours ago

Alexander The Nerdpon

@PushinUpRoses Yeah, a lot of people play on private servers where the game still is in its golden state. One of my… https://t.co/tFCj6uLknQ


just now

Eduardo Minguez

RT @nivertech: The truth abt #serverless: AWS lamdbas written in Go are not functions, but actually a little servers listening on a…


just now

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