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Rodrigo Sobral

recebi email da pensão Addiction no aniversário do @McFLYAddiction 😂


6 days ago

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Winnie The Bish

RT @ELITEbreak_: Since the age of 15 I was abusing xanax, lean, adderall, and oxycontin on a daily basis. Add that with an alcohol addictio…


2 days ago

The Stoop Kid

RT @itsposttmalone: 1-800-273-8255 - Suicide Hotline 877-226-3111 - Addiction Hotline 844-228-2962 - Eating Disorder Hotline 877-455-062…


2 days ago

Katie's Pops™ The Invisible Bully 😎

RT @TeenAgeThoutss: Talking about our Problems is our greatest addiction. Break the habbit. Talk about your Joy's.


4 days ago

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