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Game Informer

Report: Anthem's Quickplay Option Loading Under-Leveled Players Into The Final Mission https://t.co/TSbUfFx10C https://t.co/ZMJNiCa1ho


13 hours ago

Addy Osmani

Excited to talk about "The Cost Of JavaScript in 2019" at https://t.co/Q00WrPxEp4. We'll take a fresh look at JS pe… https://t.co/zU7qra5Yso


1 day ago

Patrick Klepek

Whyyyyyy does Anthem let missions start while other people are still loading, but not immediately warp you to where… https://t.co/780yy8YMXg


12 hours ago

EightFive 85 Promotions

RT @official1kwenga: VIDEO LOADING WITH @yb_jefe 🔥. Kwenga ft. YB Jefe - Sentimental audio out now on all platforms 🚨 https://t.co/ntwxe7i…


just now

Matsuura Machinery

Spindle and machine utilisation rates are in excess of 90% on the 15 pallet Matsuura HPlus-300. A single table ver… https://t.co/tTyzhNEZAz


just now

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