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James Horncastle

La Repubblica obtain audio of Serie A chief exec in discussion about NYT article on racism in ITA football. De Sier… https://t.co/xvKMbTQE8z


2 days ago

Mike Klis

On MON/TUE AM, source close to Elway said coaches/personnel leaning toward activating Lock, starting Allen. After f… https://t.co/rxab2p1TKJ


4 days ago

Joe Joe From Kokomo

RT @1987DidntHappen: @ThomaHawkShow @joethomas73 Just saying @JoeyB_Simcoe and I would love to have you fellas on Podcast to do a football…


20 minutes ago

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Donald J. Trump

Just read the best Maureen Dowd column, in the New York Times, EVER (although she treated me great before politics)… https://t.co/PnyDP4Z4xf


1 day ago

BigHit Entertainment

[기사] Why 2019 Was #BTS’ Biggest Year Yet https://t.co/vx8clOeyS9


1 day ago

Donald J. Trump

The Fake News Media is doing everything possible to belittle my VERY successful trip to London for NATO. I got alon… https://t.co/LYkjTLqZ6R


1 day ago

👑Janismom 🎚🗽🎃🐶🐾

RT @LindaSuhler: @Jim_Jordan When the #FakeNewsMedia decided their job was to persuade to a certain position rather than simply report the…


just now

셤 기간 현호

RT @heyjinism: [단독] 1600년 세월의 문 열리나…신라 기록 빽빽한 ‘나무통 문서’ 발견 (출처 : 한겨레 | 네이버 뉴스) https://t.co/IOZ1jYUqPG 이야 여기서 향가들 쏟아져 나오면 국문과는.....!!!!


just now

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