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David Reaboi

Take a few minutes to read this. Michael Anton’s description of Trump foreign policy aims is a fantastic antidote t… https://t.co/FfhEN5n3ui


13 hours ago

Foreign Policy

Migrant workers are setting records for sending money home. This interactive map shows which countries send the mos… https://t.co/G8a8cVTG5t


15 hours ago

Edmunde Burke

RT @specialXservice: . Germany Is Quietly Building a European Army Under Its Command . https://t.co/hVu4Jz- DNzi


5 minutes ago

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CBS Sunday Morning 🌞

Tomorrow @sethdoane takes us behind the scenes with the hugely popular Korean pop group @bts_twt as they prepare t… https://t.co/YyuYjOGoIL


1 day ago

Adam Schiff

Did the President obstruct justice? Yes. Was it worse than Watergate? Yes. This break in was by a hostile forei… https://t.co/PK3V3lm6xU


9 hours ago


\その場で当たる/ フォロー&RTで「サーティワン アイスクリーム 300円ギフト券」がその場で100名様に当たる🍨 #LNプ- レゼント 応募方法 1)@news_line_meをフォ- ロー 2)この投稿をRT(4/25 24時まで… https://t.co/6yMZavI2ZR


1 day ago

Swādhyāya स्वाध्याय

RT @sgurumurthy: A huge, huge warning. The news that TN Islamists export terror is high concern The TN police and Indian security system sh…


just now

#01 54 KTI BM.PEPI

RT @triwul82: TKN Jokowi Pamer Aplikasi 'Jamin' untuk Hitung Real Count Pilpres 2019 https://t.co/ufscTNCHDc - Aplikasi Jamin yang berasal d…


just now

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