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Michael Kugelman

This is an excellent and important essay. #Pakistan is more dependent on the Indus River than the Kabul River for f… https://t.co/zzYtMcWaie


22 hours ago

Foreign Policy

Ben Ferencz was the prosecutor in the world's largest murder trial: Nuremberg. 80 years after Kristallnacht, Fere… https://t.co/rGrB8ECCzy


5 hours ago

Bridget L. Coggins

RT @CSISKoreaChair: .@EliasGroll interviewed @CSIS Joe Bermudez on ‘Camouflage, Concealment, and Deception’ and what satellite imagery tell…


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Aaron Ward

RT @CherylRofer: This archive means nothing unless it is opened to those beyond a limited number of partisans. https://t.co/lh3oN- otZLF


13 seconds ago

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Donald J. Trump

The story in the New York Times concerning North Korea developing missile bases is inaccurate. We fully know about… https://t.co/DleVG3zI5H


1 day ago

Donald J. Trump

By the way, when the helicopter couldn’t fly to the first cemetery in France because of almost zero visibility, I s… https://t.co/Ir7a23m9fL


1 day ago


【凄い】刀剣男子、企画枠で紅白出演へ https://t.- co/KwNsdgtDWi 話題の2.5次元ミュージカル- から、刀剣男士たちが紅白でステージを披露。関係者は「国内外- を問わず若者に人気。企画枠の目玉にしたかった」と語った。 https://t.co/uCiQdNTodL


20 hours ago

Sean "Will Space Force find beer on the Sun" Quin

RT @LOLGOP: It's amazing how rarely it gets mentioned that the only guy ever to enter the presidency brazenly breaking the Emoluments' Clau…


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shannon marie

My grandma keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and I have no idea, someone give me ideas 🎅🏼


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