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Black Lives Matter

It’s disgusting and unacceptable that George Zimmerman not only walks free but is now trying to sue grieving parent… https://t.co/2MLYAEkE3T


1 day ago

Dinesh D'Souza

How revealing is Bloomberg? In effect he’s saying: “Let’s increase taxes on the poor! That way they can’t spend the… https://t.co/yes90nB405


8 hours ago

Cécile Duflot

Ça c’est quand même LE sujet grave. Un sujet démocratique de base. Le fait que même en manifestant pacifiquement on… https://t.co/zb4EgsjTRM


17 hours ago

Gurpreet Singh

RT @ChandreshK_: #Result_Of_RealWorship The Complete Guru is the one, who will make us realize the complete divine and make us to do devoti…


just now

Kaio Solazzo

RT @GamersClubCS: ⚠️ TEM SORTEIO NO AR ⚠️ Em parceria com a @Neshastore tem sorteio de skins e de periféricos pra deixar o dezembro de um…


just now