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Mike Adam

“Liberation” by #ChristinaAguilera (@xtina) should have totally been nominated in the ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’ catego… https://t.co/CCCuwUyWVQ


11 hours ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Environmental justice isn’t solely about climate change. Just look at: - Flint water - Bronx air - Appalachian min… https://t.co/rsxEcPxPQD


1 day ago

Kylie Jenner

Just restocked my KYLIE lip kit! https://t.co/bDaiohhXCV https://t.co/UZeVdUgaKl


1 day ago

Jesse [REDACTED] Sands

RT @alexbhturnbull: Funny thing about @jack tweets on #vipassana it that it really embodies the Mahayana critique of arhats, someone who ha…


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