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Auschwitz Memorial

The engagement & support of so many people has been really moving and overwhelming. We got over 50,000 new follower… https://t.co/vaxPDrbuEk


1 day ago


【プレゼント企画】ランコムNo.1ベースメイク #ピンクのUV下地 × #ウルトラファンデ で今年1番の愛され肌に♡ 9/5までのフォロー&RTで、現品を3名様にプレゼント🎁 明日8/23(金)には、No.1ベースメイクを試せる… https://t.co/NHJRr1VQnI


20 hours ago

Chelsea FC

The 1960s saw an explosion of pop culture across south-west London, the rise of the Mods, and our first cup silverw… https://t.co/5JvaoSdySA


9 hours ago

Wallpapers Only

HD Wallpapers Ramalan Zodiak Cinta Hari Ini Jumat 23 Agustus 2019 Libra Sepi, Sagitarius… https://t.co/Rnv5pqfhvy


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@sfdxpro Es la dev kit, no tiene nada que ver con con su diseño final. La de PS3 y 4 eran unos armatostes importantes los dev kits.


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