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#ROSÉ First Single Album -R- Kit Album Pre-order notice has been uploaded ▶️https://t.co/eRFo- WViEOg #로제… https://t.co/XNaozgum2I


1 day ago

Matichon Online

#อะแมนด้า ตอบรับคำเชิญ #มูลนิธิกระจกเงา เป็น ‘อาสาทูตสื่อสารสังคม’ ช่วยผู้ป่วยเร่ร่อน #SaveAmanda https://t.co/yyUZT0fEyn


1 day ago

Keean Bexte

I just got a call from a federal agent asking if I am sleeping with my partner while special conditions are applied… https://t.co/IopCH4DBoj


1 day ago


My mums brought home a home resting kit for COVID-19 - I think I’ll be getting one soon for school


just now

Lucio Goncalves

RT @Steh_Papaiano: * ATENÇÃO * PRECISAMOS esquematizar abastecimento e ajuda para os camimhoneiros caso eles fiquem em resistência: COMIDA…


just now