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@_bbarbi @_superr0x Te most viccelsz? Eddig az jött le hogy oda van érted ..:) Itt inkább az van hogy esetleg félsz… https://t.co/VzptyWjyGI


53 minutes ago


https://t.co/fxoCJuBiJT IN FABRIC | Naah. Not for me. Annak való, aki a film közben szeretni kutatni a miérteket.


5 hours ago

Szabó Tibor

Ezt az introt nem lehet nem szeretni. #MetroExodus #XboxShare https://t.co/VtfmtKaEjO


16 hours ago

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Tumi Sole

CJ Mogoeng: ‘Apartheid has left us with many scars. The worst of these must be the vast discrepancy in access to… https://t.co/ky4DYHMZoE


8 hours ago

F-35 Lightning II

Alongside the @usairforce and Missile Defense Agency, the @LockheedMartin team successfully connected an F-35A, U-2… https://t.co/6lbdo5e5Oj


22 hours ago

Andrew Bereza

Like many other Roblox developers, I learned a lot of what I know today by modding other people's scripts and games… https://t.co/q683niNcl2


22 hours ago

andy lap

Anyone know how to compare two columns in excel? I have to compare a list of 1478 routes in one column to a list of… https://t.co/zUNEv63Jkq


just now

Emotions Invented by the Internet

The loving sensation of being beneath someone's domain 💙


just now

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