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Ashley Feinberg

any reason to bring this up again https://t.co/DhineRT18D


4 days ago


RT @CucksNBucks: @JoeNBC does @morningmika know about this murder? https://t.co/EpNzABpnCF @infowars @JediCT10 @RealAlexJones


5 minutes ago

Victoria West

@JamesFourM @LincolnsBible Wait. This guy? https://t.co/Wmv7jZl9H9


7 minutes ago

justin block (has flipped)

@JamieOGrady this essay is from 2013, but i'd still reason to say it existed pre-cruz, in some way https://t.co/0nYfcHwAg8


1 hour ago

Adam Weinstein

The League of the South didn’t seem to think I was “Lügenpreße” when they were thirsty in Tallahassee in ‘14, wonde… https://t.co/mPnIjLTFZI


1 hour ago

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Rich Uncle Pennybags

@mls1776 @EmilyRPeck @PaulBlu @HuffPostPol as the gawker guys used to say "today's gossip is tomorrow's news"


1 day ago

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