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@crysaniaaaa Time waits for no-one, Crysania! Give us a chance to speed up your next visit by providing the full de… https://t.co/1kx06j8ygZ


19 hours ago


@crysaniaaaa Thank you Crysania! I feel perfectly fine but I’m self-quarantined away from my family so they don’t get sick, etc.


3 days ago

Tim Kane

@DaisyDaily Id like to see you in these roles, a female terminator, a resident evil role, Amanda Ripley Alien Isola… https://t.co/6q5fVaTfgI


3 days ago

Brian C.

@ReyloAdvocate It just occurred to me that every Reylo should read the Dragonlance Chronicles & Legends trilogies.… https://t.co/BfnGKX1AmR


4 days ago

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Ben Shapiro

I'm sorry, but "Biden rode a bike!" is not a good comeback to "Biden is falling apart." My son also rides a bike. H… https://t.co/35rvznS25e


13 hours ago

Rep. Matt Gaetz

Democrats are crying alligator tears about executive orders and the "misuse of the executive branch." Democrats ha… https://t.co/7gfKShYu5X


1 hour ago

Glenn Kirschner

I’m w/you, my friend. Things aren’t so much falling apart but Trump IS trying to dismantle & destroy everything goo… https://t.co/E8xozjBaOW


1 day ago

bozena fox

RT @UnderThatStone1: @irootsorg @KarluskaP Time to pay the Barr tab. It's closing time. @KarluskaP @irootsorg @MrBOTUS_520 General publi…


just now


@jjeongnara Tears for past beauty Tears for futures lost Tears for each of the what-ifs... And a heart full of love ❤️


just now

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