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Shane Dawson

UPDATE: thank u so much to @ultabeauty for doing the right thing and letting Carol keep her job. i’m really proud o… https://t.co/Os82HGdv9c


21 hours ago

Vice President Mike Pence

Great to speak with @NAHBhome at the @WhiteHouse. Before @POTUS Trump, the homeownership rate had been falling for… https://t.co/KTKWdBStIr


21 hours ago

Eric Garland

Guys, please ignore all the "TRUMP IS AN OUT OF CONTROL DICTATOR" and "AMERICA IS OVER" stories floating out there.… https://t.co/PiG3R2f4Yx


19 hours ago


I ain’t falling in love...I’m thirsty 😍😍🥛 https://t.co/c19AT0O7hF


just now


stream blood, sweat & tears mv by @BTS_twt 💘


just now

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