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Dan Wetzel

Perhaps every conference will agree that college football can’t be played this fall. If so, that’s fine. No need to… https://t.co/IKctk1qOPP


13 hours ago

Pete Thamel

Spoke to a Group of Five AD: "When the Big Ten cancels, we're expecting to be on call within a day." Everyone is wa… https://t.co/dNKfzQllqF


1 hour ago

Carlos Joaquín

Mi abuelo Don Manuel Gonzalez, fue Capitán de Barco y me decía que en los 40s, los “Dominó” eran un riesgo para nav… https://t.co/vtPVFaN3Nf


1 day ago

Cem Kafadar

RT @ckafadar2: Domino sistemi ile taş döşeme. Hem eğlenceli, hem de minimum işçilik 😊 https://t.co/moGQ9w15qx


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RT @SaycheeseDGTL: College football players are now publicly making a push to form a player's association. If successful that would be the…


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Latest tweets mentioning “not so Temporary Domino Home Page”

Donald Trump Jr.

When I @Google “Nunes memo,” the first page of results are from The Atlantic, WaPo, Lawfare, Politico, CNN and NPR.… https://t.co/THyjgXOCIy


17 hours ago

Janice Dean

I was told over a week ago I would be welcome to testify at tomorrow's nursing home hearings in New York. A formal… https://t.co/NK1iyXVdHP


23 hours ago

Kamala Harris

It’s been nearly 150 days since the murder of Breonna Taylor. We cannot allow our demands for justice to become bac… https://t.co/4NsD75UuP7


14 hours ago

Brilliant...but scary. 😘😈

RT @kerrywashington: I love this! Working from home. Parenting while working. New normals. One breath at a time... https://t.co/acdnBghJ- jN


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RT @EASPORTSFIFA: More ways to play with your mates 🎮🎮 A brand new home to make your own 🏟 And opportunities to team up with the #FUT com…


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