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Mike Norton

Hey, @realDonaldTrump. Heck of a week, huh? https://t.co/2mHtlq5N0b


3 days ago

Mike Norton

Hey @realDonaldTrump, I have a dream… of you getting kicked in the nuts by MLK. https://t.co/hs2fKMB9p7


1 week ago


Too real. 🙀 https://t.co/4Ey0M0Aowe via @OffTheMarkComic #TuesdayThoughts #cats #comics https://t.co/NbBNHzctHg


6 days ago

Feral ballerina

Trump is the Hannibal Lecter of tweeters, a danger to all Americans including his witless supporters.. https://t.co/dCAejpZhRY via @GoComics


2 minutes ago

Madison Finley

Ok, this might be my favorite political cartoon ever. Certainly of 2018. #LiberalTears Glenn McCoy https://t.co/vEId6Y02rg via @GoComics


4 minutes ago

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James Comey

Good to read reports of people standing up for what they believe in. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he… https://t.co/6EpZ2aHejM


12 hours ago

Z104.3 Baltimore

#EXOL RT if you think @weareoneEXO should take home the 🏆 for our @tacobell #BestFanArmy at #iHeartAwards https://t.co/NEFgtmrz1B


1 day ago

Piers Morgan

Massive reaction to our interview with Iranian Embassy Siege SAS hero Bob Curry on @GMB today. Just outrageous that… https://t.co/P8tNUrF64t


1 day ago

Molly McArdle

@gentlemanstimes Actually when the reveal happened one of my first thoughts was…”I want to read the novelization of this.”


just now


I've found the most amazing designer handbag dupes including a gorgeous Gucci dupe. All less than £35 too!! Read th… https://t.co/JBtSF9zYom


just now

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