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Lori LowenthalMarcus

RT @GeraldNGOM: @sharona_weiss @sfardm @EUinIsrael @NorwayinIsrael @YeshDin The full Hebrew decision ridiculing claims of Euro/Isr/Pal NGO…


17 hours ago


RT @GeraldNGOM: @sharona_weiss @sfardm @EUinIsrael @NorwayinIsrael @YeshDin The full Hebrew decision ridiculing claims of Euro/Isr/Pal NGO…


17 hours ago

(((Gerald M Steinberg)))

@sharona_weiss @sfardm @EUinIsrael @NorwayinIsrael @YeshDin The full Hebrew decision ridiculing claims of Euro/Isr/… https://t.co/g8m8yNuMwR


17 hours ago

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Jemele Hill

My Saturday suggestion is reading #WhereAreTheChildren news stories. It’s difficult, but necessary. Just a reminder… https://t.co/kXG2flzzkG


1 day ago

Kurt Eichenwald

Learn the lesson: a psyops team working with Trump campaign used disinformation systems to turn Bernie supporters a… https://t.co/EQ9AYujus7


1 day ago

Kyle Griffin

For more than a week, nobody at the Trump Org. wanted to talk about the mysterious new corporation from which Trump… https://t.co/M12l5BKnGO


1 day ago

Mya Lydia

RT @WilliamABurnell: Beginner's Online Business Handbook - Get started with Internet Marketing today! https://t.co/T7OGxI9qqU https://t.co/…


just now

ryan hilke

I say the theme for thots next halloween should be god or jesus bc y’all need to learn to be faithful


just now

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