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I we are about to find out how Deep the #Deepstate is, and and just how much #BigTech controls what we see. Can th… https://t.co/d6X5B04aZj


6 days ago

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London, it was so great to finally see you all! We kicked off our European tour as a blast thanks to you guys!🤩 Wil… https://t.co/9nVrV3GnDw


1 day ago

Lynda Carter

I see my name is trending today so I’m going to take this opportunity to say: 1) @GalGadot and I are part of a gr… https://t.co/zxXSLdd1FY


6 hours ago

Olena Halushka

Alla and Vitaliy Taranin were killed at #Azovstal. Vitaliy died on April 15 when russians bombed the field hospital… https://t.co/0GVibMQUp9


1 day ago

Open The Pipelines. Close The Border

RT @LegionD11: @DarinArmstrong @dazza_2 @PatCraddock9 @Sean93061307 @smilesunshine42 @DWR051 @usairforce Thank you very much Darin!!!! Sorr…


just now

Uchi🍾_na _ache💃

RT @beingmissdaisy: This is the home/shop to one of my grandfathers. Babu Killian 🥰🥰🥰


just now

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