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Justin Hendrix | wash your hands & stay at home

Congress took a week to haggle over a $2 trillion stimulus. It was probably too small by a multiple of 3x - 4x. https://t.co/NMeZ4Az1tZ


1 week ago

Aaron Glantz

10 million Americans filed for unemployment over the last two weeks. If you are one of them and are worried about… https://t.co/2LBDHelpMk


1 week ago

Art Li 李嘉

@Frances_Coppola Why, you want to haggle? :-)


8 minutes ago

cookies Espérances💎✌

RT @BunnyEarsWeb: How To Use Therapy Speak To Haggle Down The Price Of Almost Anything https://t.co/Ss9GZNqmGx


13 minutes ago

Day 1

RT @Haggle: https://t.co/eKM4KdmDsQ


15 minutes ago

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Jae-Ha Kim 김재하

Respectfully asking which copyright owner reported this, since there is no longer a copyright & therefore no copyri… https://t.co/EWA67uFnmJ


18 hours ago

Mercy Eke

premium content coming 🔥🔥🔥 wait for it!!! #MercyandIkeRealityShow


1 day ago

참세상 - 남북 평화협정 체결!

RT @ShinnSamuel: 친일파를 현충원에서 이장시키는 법개정에 총선 출마자 찬반 여론조사 전체후보 1100여명중 절반이 찬성, 각 정당별로 보면 찬성이 •민주당 84% •미통당 46% •정의당 70% •민중당 100% •민생당 62% 미통…


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