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Arjun Pradeep

🇮🇹 📰 | Corsport: Cancelo will be signed by Juve & they are calm about it. Valencia don't have all the cards as th… https://t.co/82ovTXFoJj


14 hours ago

Jenna Fryer

Didn’t even haggle on the price. Just said “sold!” #NASCAR #RussianSouvenir https://t.co/NhWkejhmKL


10 hours ago

The Economist

The master negotiator appears to have no clue how to haggle with North Korea https://t.co/lUYduZ1g1A


6 days ago

Hans-Peter Liebkraft

@Photog933 @tcarlander @Cheryl707 @megwagner Her job in jeopardy? Haven't heard of that one yet, sorry. And I don't… https://t.co/wmbSsCfTem


37 minutes ago

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Marco Rubio

Releasing those who unlawfully enter b/c they came with children creates a cruel incentive to bring children on dan… https://t.co/06qenHFf5J


1 day ago

Joe Schaefer

Facebook Lets Group Admins Charge for Monthly Subscriptions by MattGSouthern https://t.co/Ji8YOAjvOJ


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