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When I was in India our white teachers made a big deal about how we should haggle bc it would signify to them that… https://t.co/aFyMAHmOkR


3 days ago

Nat is Sleepy

I'm very friendly and open to new friends, however I am not great at responding to people due to my health. Just be… https://t.co/bxWKecmfkP


1 minute ago

Abusive Bunny

@The_Emmpress @tonybobo3 @rtfindom @rt_feet @womenruleonly Did he think he could haggle? The audacity!


10 minutes ago

JC Gaillard

RT @DavidSmithGFF: For now, the time it would take to haggle over most purchases makes it not worth the effort. But artificial intelligence…


19 minutes ago


it's weird trying to haggle for a MacBook trade on Facebook market place my PC outperforms your laptop in every wa… https://t.co/4Xq61bnRi1


29 minutes ago

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Garrett Watts

I’m not big on raising my voice but um... *inhales* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FRIEND @AndrewSiwicki WHO I LOVE SO MUCH… https://t.co/lkKGqs1B2b


11 hours ago

Richard N. Haass

Brent Scowcroft passed away last night. He set the standard for all Nat Sec Advisors. He got the balance right betw… https://t.co/63ChRcoAli


16 hours ago

Craig Silverman

A Facebook employee also posted about what internal data showed about Breitbart: “A Breitbart escalation marked ‘… https://t.co/WonkTgIrO9


1 day ago

Anisa Ulfa Arrayan

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim • AVAILABLE • Kode : Kalla Dress (BUSUI akses depan Zipper) Harga : 75,000 Ld/P : 110 /… https://t.co/soXQAGq5AK


just now

peach is active

looking for supplier? dm me!! ⚡ premium accounts ⚡ paid apps ⚡ computer softwares ⚡ tutorials no requirements!! s… https://t.co/kTmnt2ENbq


just now

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