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China Xinhua Español

#VIDEO 🔵 ¡Conoce la gran cooperación entre #China y #Brasil en el sector energético! Da clic en el video y observa… https://t.co/Usr4FNOyWJ


5 hours ago


#Video 😱| Impresionante demolición en simultáneo de 15 rascacielos en China En la ciudad de Kunming, China, tras u… https://t.co/3g9sX5uOWF


1 day ago


Si China oprimiera a los musulmanes como cuentan los aviones se hubieran estrellado en Tiananmen o en la Shanghai T… https://t.co/NfP13lxKvr


7 minutes ago


@laniisu o whatsapp ganha dinheiro porque o marques zu quem bérgue vende suas informações pro xin jin ping(presiden… https://t.co/gPoQXaC1nQ


1 hour ago

Guimel Valcazar

RT @KioscoToni: Tranqui la publicidad de Christian Dior en las Torres Tianxi de Chengdu, China. Eh? https://t.co/Bh8ep6ucfg


1 hour ago

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Congratulations @BTS_twt! Thank you for helping young people recognise their power to create positive change arou… https://t.co/kO1ttNohDN


22 hours ago

Mary L Trump

We dodged another bullet in California, which is great news, but I've got to be honest, we can't keep living on the… https://t.co/ZlFszZCAWE


1 day ago

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸

Shocking Biden is cutting India and Japan out of the new intel-sharing agreement on China Hearing leaders in the… https://t.co/vjeMPFtxo0


1 day ago

Patricia Nellie

RT @realLizUSA: NEW! "Milley never told me about calls being made to China. From what I understand, he didn’t tell too many other people e…


just now

hojung seoah gemma

RT @jackjohnsoniv7: This “I don’t owe people anything” shifted from having reasonable boundaries to selfishness and apathy and I want to pu…


just now

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