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Jennifer Pashley

RT @NateBrownBrown: Can’t even imagine what’d it’d mean for my life if, as an adjunct, I had pay parity or job security or retirement contr…


38 minutes ago

Monica VB

RT @RColesworthy: This just in: @MLAnews calls on members to tell Sen Patty Murray you support requiring 75% TT instruction and adjunct pay…


50 minutes ago

Evyn Lê Espiritu Gandhi

Full, Associate, or Assistant Professorship in Asian American Literature at JHU! https://t.co/nJW4CAlMeU


1 hour ago

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~本日最終日~ / #おうちで最高の時間 を✨ #ちょっと高級なビールにしようか \ #MoBA (Masters of Beef Association)セレクトの神戸牛A5ランクと #プレモル がセットであたるTwit… https://t.co/hS3xKy2lVL


1 day ago

Rolling Stone

BTS's first-ever U.S. Number One, as well as their first full English-language song, "Dynamite" was a landmark, heg… https://t.co/dRDa8ZGweW


1 day ago

Occupy Democrats

BREAKING NEWS: Gavin Newsom wins Orange County, known as “Reagan County” and home of Trumper Devin Nunes. RT TO CONGRATULATE GAVIN!


1 day ago

Indie 🐾🥀🐾

RT @LumpyandFriends: It’s so lovely to arrive home and Cat Burglar is waiting for me 😍 Hurry up mum I’m waiting for my dreamies 😆😸🐾🐾❤️ http…


just now


RT @theofficialadli: Before u get married, discuss bills, parenting styles, debt, how to deal with family, partner expectations, financial…


just now

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