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Dila Özkanlı

@BaakGve62408304 canlandırma çerez çehre züğürdü


1 hour ago

Nilgün Demirtaş

@BaakGve62408304 canlandırım çerden çöpten çehre uzatmak


1 hour ago

Latest tweets mentioning “Cehre.net - Let's imagine together”

Ilhan Omar

Imagine having the ability to do this all along, and choosing not to while people died. Unconscionable! https://t.co/OCI8zy8wXT


1 day ago

James Woods

Imagine how many more Americans would have lived if Pelosi wasn’t pushing her impeachment scam. https://t.co/IjgT1lVARi


1 day ago

İyad el-Baghdadi | إياد البغدادي

Imagine if someone showed you this picture six months ago and asked you to figure out what must have happened https://t.co/7WNG7Yz39C


20 hours ago

Tim Davies 🚀

@MacdonaldWiTS Yes, but at least you know 'why' they are doing it, so now you can legitimately counter his argument… https://t.co/N29pBWxrdY


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