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Nicolas ෴ღȇ̈s̑̈c̑̈ȏ̈ȓ̈t̑ღ෴

https://t.co/L8qV31CA6f Ben #Artuklu almak çehre sıkılmak K4X Mardin halkın hükümeti cezbelenme mevladan canı


29 minutes ago

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Catturd ™

I can’t imagine who would be dumb enough to give a single dime to the RNC after they put back in all the proven losers again.


1 day ago

Mueller, She Wrote

Imagine if Jack Smith met with Garland weekly to sip bourbon, and then asked the DoJ Inspector General to lie in a… https://t.co/OkC5ea3LAc


1 day ago

Caroline Lucas

Good that Zahawi has finally gone, but Sunak was pressured into this one & tried to get away with “nothing to see h… https://t.co/SeYXwWOpbV


22 hours ago


RT @libsoftiktok: In case you thought this was fake- it’s not. This is part of the application at @catlingabel. See for yourself: https://t…


just now


RT @nightstar1201: OP: Non-BTS fan's actual face story(ssul) about BTS Jin! oh.. it's text, but I can imagine his reality! I was wondering…


just now

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