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shreyxa 🦋

Yeah cehre ki hakikaat 👻


2 hours ago

irem Anahtar

RT @ilpoyist: sihirli kelime çehre ajqkdkwlfkwlwkwl #ilpoy https://t.co/9k1QLsPcQQ


7 hours ago

irem Anahtar

RT @ilpoyofficial: Çehre 🙃 #ilpoy https://t.co/I3hQZAGZYN


7 hours ago

Pınar Savran 🇹🇷

Tam anlamıyla özgür kılabilir misiniz ? Ay gibi parlayan sıfatlarının tek bir çehre asıklığını giderebilir misiniz?… https://t.co/I8hk7plwa4


8 hours ago

Latest tweets mentioning “Cehre.net - Let's imagine together”

Newt Gingrich

Why did it take over three months to determine how Officer Sicknick died?This doesn’t make any sense. Only person k… https://t.co/LAfRkm8z4R


10 hours ago

President Biden

Imagine a future where we lead the world and tackle the threat of climate change with American jobs and ingenuity.… https://t.co/ngNLMTfzVb


1 day ago

Gravel Institute

Imagine having as much money as Hillary Clinton does and still being this obsessed with hating Bernie Sanders. https://t.co/9NFkSJj0ut


10 hours ago

- zul - aishiteru *with siwon’s whisper*

RT @kickthepj: time zones being wildly different can be really annoying but then I remind myself that at least they all fall on the hour. i…


just now

kez 🌻

RT @DforQ: 📷At V Live, you talked about how you’re a person with a lot of fantasy. Sunwoo: It’s my habit to imagine things. For example, I…


just now

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