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Filipe G. Martins

2. O movimento liderado por Vargas em 1930 se proclamou um movimento anti-oligárquico, mas tornou-se apenas um rede… https://t.co/NruJWOko26


1 day ago

Jordi Cuixart

Fer camí amb homes i dones que com a voluntaris treballen incansablement al servei de la llengua, la cultura i la c… https://t.co/k0aWDzOLVk


21 hours ago

Paula Bianchi

As Forças Armadas receberem uma bolada de meio bilhão pra atuar na Amazônia em si não é um problema. É que com essa… https://t.co/wYvK9YOyhQ


1 day ago


RT @dayslhao: eu aos 11 anos achando que com 15 ficaria uma gostosona 🤡🤡


just now


RT @dayslhao: eu aos 11 anos achando que com 15 ficaria uma gostosona 🤡🤡


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Donald J. Trump

Now that we have witnessed it on a large scale basis, and firsthand, Virtual Learning has proven to be TERRIBLE com… https://t.co/64UOjzb3oG


20 hours ago

Betsy Woodruff Swan

Exclu: A senior intel official went to the IC inspector general with a warning about how the US handles intelligenc… https://t.co/ULEocAIRs9


21 hours ago

Steve Guest

Richard Grenell: Biden was 'manipulating intelligence' "We now know that the vice president of the United States,… https://t.co/OfksJVQcte


19 hours ago


RT @QBlueSkyQ: General Flynn exposed the treasonous crimes committed by Obama and Clinton against our Country. This is the reason Obama ord…


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Joint Chair in Women's Studies Carleton & uOttawa

RT @ManteMolepo: I am grateful for the opportunity to have facilitated a virtual workshop today with my @ParkdaleFood colleagues on anti-ra…


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