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Fuad Alakbarov ⁠⁠

I want Madeleine McCann to be alive, safe and well. Having said that, Grenfell survivors still haven’t been rehouse… https://t.co/7Thaj9f3B4


1 day ago

Brian Cox

The thing I don’t understand about these Conservative MPs is that they are such angry people. They haven’t done bad… https://t.co/5pePhoZUEr


6 hours ago

MJ Lee

I spoke with Avenatti's wife on the phone. “I haven’t see Michael in months. It’s a complete fabrication," she said… https://t.co/03srCxg2nW


14 hours ago


Just don’t be complaining in a couple of years why you still haven’t accomplished your dream


just now

♠♣♦❤House of Cards❤♦♣♠

Haven't seen anyone talking about this... Kind of screwed up... https://t.co/1d0JxHNpgL


just now

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You Matter Hoodies Return Nov. 23

when you come home smelling like another dog https://t.co/rhA98A8uk4


13 hours ago

Charlie Kirk

The caravan is here, illegally entering America This is a national disgrace Arrest and deport them all back to th… https://t.co/OZfTUz9o9I


20 hours ago


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth lost their home to a California wildfire, but the famous couple have donated $500,00… https://t.co/WeorJ5gtXz


1 day ago


RT @uk_domain_names: "I'm so sorry. What have I done to my country?" Leave voter (& regular caller) cries as he speaks to LBC's James O'Bri…


just now

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