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Julie Fig



4 days ago

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Donald Trump Jr.

So it appears that @jack and @twitter seem to think that a Trump campaign video with a pro-life message is “sensiti… https://t.co/2YkVQgsssa


14 hours ago

The Onion

Liberals Say Sanders’s Acceptance Of Rogan Endorsement Sends Dangerous Message He Trying To Win Election… https://t.co/gmxedaWrxD


7 hours ago

Emma Vigeland

If you're outraged that Sanders accepted an endorsement from Joe Rogan, who has massive reach with actual centrist/… https://t.co/bFITpx4JCD


13 hours ago


RT @zzayrennn: ‼️IMPORTANT ‼️ Si vous connaissez qlq qui loue appart (studio, F2, peu importe) sur bussy-saint-georges ou alentour venez me…


just now

Vitalis O. Makhotsa

RT @samirasawlani: Easy African Community really is like that family group chat where they can’t stand each other, can’t exit the group & s…


just now

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