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Personally I feel uneasy using this for believers just as well as for the unsaved; for we know believers souls are… https://t.co/Avx3DDOO8I


5 minutes ago

Vittorio Romeo

For those wondering about P0792: LWG did an amazing job reviewing dozens of proposals but they were really overwhel… https://t.co/RoiEtj19Ho


22 minutes ago

nimbi martínez

RT @Raineemeow25: LWG: Can i take all of this ? 🔥🔥🔥 จะเวอร์ชั่นไหนก็หลัวหนูทั้งน- ้านน /// โดนกระบี่ปักหัว #MoDaoZhuShi #ปรมาจารย์ลัทธิมาร…


1 hour ago


@elankart @template_rex @Scott__Meyers std::to_underlying was approved with unanimous consent for C++23; when the t… https://t.co/aAOQcVMHRv


1 hour ago

Aiyun Yuèliàng

RT @YadaGJune: ภาพประกอบฟิค #นวมาสปองอุษา เมื่อ อฟช. ไม่ให้เราได้เห็นฉากคืนแรกที่ก- ูซู งั้นเราก็วาดเช้าแรกที่กูซูแทน- แล้วกัน (?) *Illustrat…


1 hour ago

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PureGym Corby

Wellness day with Department of Working Pensions today. 30 minute group sessions discussing how to improve lifestyl… https://t.co/NBA9gwY7KV


2 days ago

✍️ Cannabis News & Due Diligence ✍️

@CannabisFN $CHV Site plans and construction of the Dispensary under the Weedbox lifestyle brand, Somewhere Variet… https://t.co/UUnvdWJDOT


3 days ago

The Hartman Group

Mitochondria, digestion and inflammation: Why are consumers attracted to the Bulletproof, Ketogenic and Ayurvedic d… https://t.co/AIXvif7rWG


4 days ago

Krishna Group

Keep up the good habit of washing hands and stay healthy. Buy Hand Wash from Krishna Group. #KrishnaGroup… https://t.co/GGUkSGgljm


5 days ago

Laila Alieh

Hello everyone!! It’s been a while but I thought I share that I have updated my FREEE Lifestyle & Wedding Health… https://t.co/m0kf8UJwgx


1 week ago