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Sadiq Khan

The reason the Government didn’t want this published? It shows in black and white that they insisted on fares risin… https://t.co/2ny7dAc09h


1 day ago

Rajat Sethi

India shares border with Tibet, not China. Time to dump One China policy?


1 day ago

Subramanian Swamy

When India- Nepal relations deteriorates then ISI of Pakistan celebrates because 90 % of its anti India fraudulent… https://t.co/xZW8QECzXs


1 day ago

diversify yo bonds, nigga.

RT @spliffylynz: After 10+ Years in Activism, Here Are Tips for Chicago: -Travel in 3s -Turn phones off/airplane mode 15 mins before you ar…


just now


RT @JoeBiden: Today, in lifting our ambitions and our imaginations to the heavens, the United States has once more reshaped the future of s…


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