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Jonathan Van Ness

I just can’t help but notice the astonishing hypocrisy of the richest family to ever hold office in America, spendi… https://t.co/QgglkmNuNY


1 day ago

Imam of Peace

Now I will make it a mission to monitor Islamic Prayer rooms in airports. I travel weekly and will personally make… https://t.co/t4nieTgQVv


5 hours ago

Jeff Stein

Hoo-boy. A grifter extraordinaire, Acting AG Matt Whitaker: He worked for a company that hawked “time travel” techn… https://t.co/N0ozOG3OtV


10 hours ago


RT @NicolePowell27: 🎁 Love of my life... 💕 🐾 Personalized Pet Photo Necklace 👉 https://t.co/GIWBNMz1bK https://t.co/gitvEONpIz


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