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Denise Humphrey

@patriotawaken @bfraser747 @realDonaldTrump @jet_thomson Trump Cult Supporters have been had by Russian Bots. They… https://t.co/3nGvHBesuG


36 minutes ago

Northern Viewer

RT @KenDilanianNBC: To all the Trump supporters who are tweeting at me that you are not Russian bots, I believe most of you. My point is t…


23 hours ago

Tyler J. Cody

RT @NuanceBro: @maddow Russian bots can't melt jet fuel beams


1 day ago

Nuance Bro

@maddow Russian bots can't melt jet fuel beams


1 day ago


RT @epigmenioibarra: Con manadas de bots intentan callar la crítica Con reformas "legales" intentan silenciar la denuncia Con la LeyDeSegur…


1 day ago

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