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LeVar Burton

I support the teachers! https://t.co/lLHfHwzLUJ


1 day ago

LeVar Burton

I just backed Going Down in Flames- a play about a clown with Dementia on @Kickstarter. This story is by and about… https://t.co/y4henlufM1


21 hours ago

LeVar Burton

My episode of #LeVarBurtonReads recorded at @HotDocs is a tribute to the great Canadian writer Austin Clarke, with… https://t.co/6m5OPjNeG2


8 hours ago


RT @MarinaSirtisFan: Comic Relief - Star Trek TNG https://t.co/R1UI16JFX7 #Throwback Hoo-Pie is the best part 😂😂😂 @StarTrek @Marina_Sirtis…


12 minutes ago

Cheryl Ann Peterson

RT @MattCarterMedia: #NCISNOLA scoop: More news on @LeVarBurton appearance! https://t.co/DBJ38Nq9Kn


30 minutes ago

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Len L

@EmmmGeeee @RadRoopa If it weren't for the voices of Pac, Dre.. They worked hard for everything. They were heroes t… https://t.co/V242WZA05S


6 days ago

Meagan Young

@BuzzFeed Levar Burton Reads. It's like going back in time and being a kid, until you realize some of these stories… https://t.co/FFc3EWmWPu


1 week ago