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Geert Wilders

Wat een zieke geest die @JoostVullings. 5 jaar voor de rechtbank in een politiek proces is een absolute hel - net a… https://t.co/qVDy3O1zeJ


6 days ago

Steve Hofmeyr

Wat de hel gaan aan met die hoofpaaie om Pietersburg?? https://t.co/7tMu2rmJ3R


1 day ago

David Mac Dougall

✈️ Yes there were others, and the flight doesn't operate any more, but here's the original "Flight 666 to HEL on Fr… https://t.co/BsJp3e5t6b


3 days ago


@munimohu__ フブキュショォで・・・・👏


just now

Emilio A. 🏳️‍🌈🎻

I'm at Hel Manor in Houston, TX https://t.co/qlCzH0swj9


just now

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Imam of Peace

We don’t deserve dogs. This Pitbull is trained to protect his owner's head from slamming onto the ground when she’s… https://t.co/WJhR4ozxe5


23 hours ago

Trump War Room

Kamala Harris is a gun owner because she wants to be able to protect herself. But she wants to force YOU to turn… https://t.co/2ochEwZM28


1 day ago


RT @hmzmcbg: Idc what tf ur talking abt me, as long as u say it to my face. Got a problem with me? Say it directly! Dont backstab me and th…


just now