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Desiring God

God doesn’t always heal us or give us what we want. But he will always give us what’s best for us—even when it hurts.https://t.co/eghEab6yvW


1 day ago

Desiring God

Dunkirk uncovers a war many of us need to see, because we all need to be reminded that life is war. https://t.co/OVGvF9qkVu


1 day ago

Desiring God

Handle every biblical sentence with care — not because the words are fragile, but because they are God’s. https://t.co/3ewkBH3wjt


4 hours ago

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Narendra Modi

Had a wonderful interaction with the Indian cricket team that took part in the women's cricket world cup. @BCCIWomen https://t.co/750452ZzUx


1 hour ago

Christopher Hayes

They've had seven years and they are writing the bill over lunch a day before they vote. https://t.co/8IoSZA7uMb


3 hours ago


A bright future awaits those who are dedicated to bring positive change! Here's #LifeChangingTipsPart42 on YouTube. https://t.co/EYBB9tw- kxl


5 hours ago

ISIS=RSS= terrorists

RT @arungiri: TN governor took 7 days to swear in a new CM after ADMK legislature party had elected leader. Took 7 mins for Bihar gov to i…


8 seconds ago

Claire George

RT @Imamofpeace: The prohibition of philosophy and critical thinking in the laws of nature and existence, is paving the way for a bankrupt…


8 seconds ago

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