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Tom Orsborn

#Spurs players-only meeting last week centered on Leonard's status was anything but emotional, Danny Green says: "W… https://t.co/y9qal6eoXm


21 hours ago

Tom Orsborn

While Kawhi Leonard is getting outside help for his injured quad, Tony Parker calls the Spurs medical staff "the be… https://t.co/HcLSxUQ5vS


19 hours ago

UN Geneva

Human Rights Council concludes 37th regular session, adopts 42 texts. Summaries of all meetings here:… https://t.co/tfyJAeJqk7


19 hours ago

Super Lupys

RT @educacion3_0: #Recursos para trabajar la discalculia, en clase y en casa https://t.co/i3XIZ38Mg6 #infantil #primaria


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Donald J. Trump

As a matter of National Security I've signed the Omnibus Spending Bill. I say to Congress: I will NEVER sign anothe… https://t.co/0uoQ7HfCVF


14 hours ago

Gérard Collomb

Le lieutenant-colonel Arnaud Beltrame nous a quittés. Mort pour la patrie. Jamais la France n’oubliera son héroïsme… https://t.co/E5aGAWCQ0t


9 hours ago


RT @KeithTheGxd: Bro so I had court today and the judge asked this man who drove him cause his license was suspended and he replied “my bit…


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Rossella Virgilio

RT @LJaureguiItalia: Lauren è cresciuta a Miami ascoltando musica EDM e ha sempre voluto partecipare al Ultra Music Festival ma i suoi geni…


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