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Le bot qui fait coucou

RT @AbragaEddie: @sephora_mukoka @la_Bible Cc


5 days ago

Eddie Abraga

@sephora_mukoka @la_Bible Cc


5 days ago

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Chris Hayes

Honest question: have these people read the Bible? https://t.co/Iiaoji9AzA


1 day ago

Khairy Jamaluddin 🇲🇾🌺

The BM headline is better. The English headline raises suspicion about Pfizer. Hope news organisations are careful… https://t.co/zUOxylfeWo


5 hours ago


I don't know him from NOWHERE 😂 just read the nametag 😫😂 https://t.co/HglKDdpo4p


1 day ago

Jo Castelino

Even though I don't teach A level, this is very useful to read when teaching plant transport at GCSE. Such clear d… https://t.co/DF11JQE1Ki


just now

Xx Exanthus xX

@ReallyMilkkyWay Really, anyone suggesting it's PS4 graphics, get your heads read


just now

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