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Théologie.s - Université de Lorraine (Metz)

Décidément, c'est de nouveau le livre d'Hénoch qui est au centre de toute cette histoire... quelle injustice qu'il… https://t.co/utQveVE3yO


2 days ago


pure lack of spirituality, there is no church with an indigenous face, nor another with an African face, there is o… https://t.co/dhAC3v4eBJ


5 days ago

Worthy Publishing

Enter for a Chance to Win the Jeremiah Study Bible: https://t.co/Ax4aJAtAwS cc @davidjeremiah #Giveaway #Bible… https://t.co/4RceeObUFE


1 week ago

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Brit Hume

Read this and you may have an inkling why Schiff & Pelosi want these interviews to be held behind closed doors. https://t.co/bPBIyM0wys


15 hours ago

Leader McConnell

Washington Democrats have been engaged in a three-year-long impeachment parade in search of a rationale. Prominent… https://t.co/AZTBO9RNjt


1 day ago

⚫Louisa #FBPE 48% #ABTV #yellowrose

RT @Rory_Palmer: I've just read the revised Political Declaration. Let's be clear: this deal is significantly worse, on every front, than…


just now

Wat Tyler

@oflynnsocial You've already read 95% of it with May's deal. It is awful. Most of the horrors are still there.… https://t.co/kIPW5dF5Se


just now

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