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ehm (spoo)kay 🌻

haven’t done any bible studying type things in a while && i think i may start 😊 cc: @coffeespoonie so i can be more of an expert 4 uuuu


11 minutes ago

FUMC Nacogdoches

New Bible Study begins - September 27 https://t.co/njvJ0cGW1N https://t.co/76n2FdxZgc


48 minutes ago


RT @twittatimes: It’s not a biblical prophecy tho. Bible literally says doe listen to people who try predict the end cuz no one knows https…


1 hour ago


@Dlanorx @CynicalPublius @KittenKoder @DeanoMartino1 @JoSantisteban @elbandito2016 @slim_mirokujin @TAWilson3… https://t.co/GUwxcrO9cf


1 hour ago

Dean Martin

@CynicalPublius @Dlanorx @JoSantisteban @elbandito2016 @slim_mirokujin @TAWilson3 @Conspiracy_dog @KittenKoder… https://t.co/9JSfoEPsmj


1 hour ago

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Sheri Gordon

Bible Hub: Search, Read, Study the Bible in Many Languages dFc https://t.co/9fOSLh288A


6 days ago

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