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Derek Murphy

@learnandsing @TowerDublin @pinkmtps I think mine was when I heard @Japandroids in Pluggd I think.


2 days ago

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Kamala Harris

We urgently need an investigation and a Judiciary Committee hearing on Bill Barr reportedly ordering peaceful prote… https://t.co/bRq2sCGkmy


1 day ago

Seth Abramson (@🏠)

Introducing: the White House #BabyGate. https://t.co/ljsfW0EDSe


11 hours ago

-ˏˋ. Jɪᴍᴇ D🧸⁷⟭⟬ᴬᴰ² .ˊˎ-

RT @ykposts: Yoongi introducing Jungkook as a guest on Kkul 06.13 FM: 🐱: Today's guest is, irish bomb, we love lamb skewers, my favorite…


just now

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