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B. Stew

@THETXEMBASSY @WWG1WGA1962 @Breaking911 @SecAzar @realDonaldTrump @NBSaphierMD @WWG1WGA1962 follow me on Instagram… https://t.co/OLRuIIasc5


5 days ago

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Peter Stefanovic

It appears the Government "inadvertently" approved the sale of equipment that could be used in the war in Yemen - a… https://t.co/phBL9arAs1


17 hours ago

Charlie Kirk

Why is it that Beto's past history of burglary and drunk driving is off limits to talk about when he runs for the P… https://t.co/7G76IXY3ks


1 day ago

Charlie Kirk

You admitted and wrote about groping someone in high school, does that disqualify you from becoming President or ev… https://t.co/RCWz8YRDej


13 hours ago

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