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Fox News

.@SenateMajLdr: "This shameful, shameful smear campaign has hit a new low...Senate Democrats and their allies are t… https://t.co/LHkNNwmmLd


15 hours ago

Chris Evans

Here’s a clip from my very first professional acting gig. Based on my personal style choices, I’m pretty sure the… https://t.co/HPG3scw255


20 hours ago

Leader McConnell

Democrats and their allies are trying to destroy a man’s personal and professional life on the basis of unsubstanti… https://t.co/l7OXe1128J


14 hours ago

João D

@AFN1982 @Frigoliny @pedro_sales @bifeahcasa @tspascoal @JGOliveira @a_john O que é o meio? Ou vais numa ou noutra desde que haja espaço.


just now


RT @SinAzucarOrg: Marketing: ‘si consumes nuestros productos serás más feliz’. https://t.co/WLZoqxni9k


just now

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