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Lana Del Rey

It’s Gucci Season!💫 Watch our new campaign for Gucci Guilty. Had a blast making this with Jared and thanks to Aless… https://t.co/TWeu53VfWy


1 day ago

Sarah Kendzior

Notably, Vance is the same DA who refused to prosecute Ivanka and Jared for fraud and larceny, and refused to prose… https://t.co/ajGQ2wfcQ7


1 day ago

Robert Webb

Think my proudest professional moments were working with fellow dad Rik Mayall & winning that Bafta with fellow dad… https://t.co/vyv81mFDyA


15 hours ago

🕉💭 🔯 🌟 🇮🇳

RT @kotl: I was involved in a misunderstanding with the Indian media. Confusion over the award presented to India's PM @narendramodi by my…


just now

Vish Wakhare

Social Media Marketing now in pune !!!https://t.co/PzZAqV0Pqp https://t.co/j1qqrI1K6c


just now

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