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A black county supervisor had the cops called on her while campaigning in a Wisconsin neighborhood. The caller said… https://t.co/s0MTR9s0FU


2 hours ago

yvette nicole brown

Oh Ted. Wait, for white people too? Black folks already aren't allowed to do it. 😉 See, what I did there, Ted? S… https://t.co/Kasjo36thd


1 day ago


RT @bluepurplerain: I don’t think democrats are going to even attempt to do anything other than maintain the status quo which is wholly una…


just now

Living the Liminal

RT @DOfaquarius: @Lollardfish Those 2 cops, who shouldn't have been transporting medical patients, & certainly not CHAINING THEM IN THE BAC…


4 seconds ago

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Donald J. Trump

“What will be disclosed is that there was no basis for these FISA Warrants, that the important information was kept… https://t.co/BSkLbopy8R


1 day ago


Such a huge, huge tell when reporters are nervous about getting more transparency and information -- legally, and n… https://t.co/CbdNFEZrZp


1 day ago

🗝️ jimli

RT @KH13com: Updated: Famitsu has released information regarding Kingdom Hearts III at the Tokyo Game Show. T-shirts, pamphlets, and inform…


just now

tay 💜

@batoooolahhhhhh ah the “true muslims” of islam harassing women online and think they’re superior lol


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