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Andrew Cuomo

If you're traveling to New York from the following states you must self-quarantine for 14 days. The states are: AL… https://t.co/C4a00cljzk


1 day ago

Philip Rucker

Dr. Birx says it’s essential for people in “red zone” states now experiencing Covid spikes to wear masks, not go to… https://t.co/WlDluTWjMT


13 hours ago

Bleacher Report

Zion got his own custom Thanos chain 🔥 (via zofrost/IG) https://t.co/rO5YLwKyE0


1 day ago

monochrome 🖤🤍

RT @brightwinfan: @aaghyunkn17 Yap... gunsmile deleted his igs about charlotte 🤭🤣🤣


just now


@929TheBull Mandatory masks for Indoor spaces I can understand but outdoors?


just now

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