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Danielle Develops

Already being familiar with tail recursion, I appreciate the treatment of it in Section 1.2 (… https://t.co/ZsBesXxgif


18 minutes ago


Hobbies include spending 3 hours scrolling the NYT real estate section as if I am a 34 year old park slope mother l… https://t.co/CxPLtsWH4e


3 hours ago

Christopher R. Narayanan

@RussellHellyer @chevrolet Indeed. #Outsourcing downside is the tail risk that ends up costing much more money than… https://t.co/hd4J8BWnEA


4 hours ago

Agnieszka Lukaszczyk

When #meteorites bombard the moon’s surface, #sodiumatoms fly high into #orbit and collide with the sun’s photons,… https://t.co/55SCIkspwB


5 hours ago

Polaris is binging AOT + Prismillya

@Secre_Tail That was basically the comments section on Mangakakalot.


10 hours ago

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Pope Francis

Tomorrow I will go to #Iraq for a three-day pilgrimage. I have long wanted to meet those people who have suffered s… https://t.co/byqBuiOzEb


1 day ago

Adam Kinzinger

Side note it’s March 4th, and Trump is not Re-Presidenting. The is no storm coming. Q lied, Trump lost, America moves on.


18 hours ago

Glenn Kirschner

Senate Hearings Reveal Disturbing Evidence Re: Trump Installed Secretary of Defense Chris Miller. It’s starting to… https://t.co/A1pRlLzzEO


20 hours ago


RT @GoatMikro: The start of a new mini series I'm working on. Spent quite a bit of time planning this one. ;3 Who wants to see chubby bunn…


just now

emma vyvyan

RT @UniCamPrimSch: Unlocking Schools: conversations — in the 2nd in our short series of guidance videos @adurning15 @JamesHayward1 @AmyWhit…


just now

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