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robert vogler

@MH370News maybe not anything BUT. this does correspond with the Peter McMahon finding debris south of Rodriguez is… https://t.co/XBXXuWuc8D


3 hours ago


@planefag The trail LRPV in my section when on motor patrol had 3x2 MAG58's on pintles for the driver, commander an… https://t.co/L5o5cfqFBE


1 day ago


And then a new god #Aepon, some time in the #yrys right before #Yperion section. Planet-sized warrior hovers over G… https://t.co/vMnnY077PZ


1 day ago

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James Woods

They thought all of it would just sink to the bottom of the swamp, lost to history forever. Then an odd little thin… https://t.co/KUpkiflCQv


1 day ago

Darren Rovell

Tried out for Astros. Told “Don’t come back.” Came back anyway. Given a deal for $15K. Entering 8th year in le… https://t.co/Rq2CfMp9qt


1 day ago

Ben Wikler

Please let Andrew McCabe’s book advance be worth more than the value of his lost pension


1 day ago


RT @realdefnik: Wanna One will have a special interview on Section TV to be aired on March 26 at 9pm kst! https://t.co/qke2o9KZR6


just now

☘ Attila the O'Honeybun ☘

@jittaun @JNocegal @TheOldBoi @tdfitz220367 @EricHolder Were you that upset when Michael Flynn lost everything?


just now

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