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The plane is built according to "all wing" scheme with the tail section of extended surface and pilot-passenger cab… https://t.co/unKZAySTKS


5 hours ago

🌻 Ayriath 🌻

Sitting here looking at this pile of fur I have to turn into tail covers. Ughhhh. I have to section it out to be th… https://t.co/WJMybnFppW


16 hours ago

maria Thomas

Could this be part of the wheel section??? Here's the tail end https://t.co/H7zOPGRAJL


21 hours ago

Atul Nair

@bitstein this is great missed it the first time. If the end reasons section could be teased out longer would give… https://t.co/jX29mYFrtZ


1 day ago

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The one. The only. Xbox Series X Fridge giveaway. Follow and retweet with #XSXFridgeSweeps for a chance to win… https://t.co/bihtkpDEbF


5 hours ago


Dear. ARMY The weather’s gotten a lot chilly. I’m writing this because I wanted to know what ARMY’s thinking and… https://t.co/k59GW370Gh


1 day ago

Bop Daddy

Mixed feelings. It’s been a week since we lost our brave soldiers at the toll gate. I have also now officially be… https://t.co/jndt5zSbut


1 day ago


RT @Katzumania: I translated @XFFFRANCEEX ‘s Thai sub as she wanted the inter fans to understand the convo. Hope this help. Sorry upfront i…


just now

Xbox Series X/S true next Gen

Parabéns @brunolobomotta e @XboxBR não durou um dia sequer desde que receberam o Xbox Series X pra falar mal da mar… https://t.co/DcznnJLQC9


just now

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