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Clark Wade

@davidfrum Your comment section is full of the lowest forms of life. Birds of a feather and all that. Greg is so m… https://t.co/fEiq0MxUG6


5 hours ago

Bill Roberts

@akmcclen Very, very, very tail end of the Boom here. A few to add - Historical fiction/Speculative historical fic… https://t.co/D7PpB4WKxj


12 hours ago

Thea (she/her/that bitch)

Day 1 of infiltrating the furry community: My detachable fluffy part of my jacket's hood and H&M's kids section's c… https://t.co/P05VUe5MtL


16 hours ago

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Matthew Kolken

I'm not a Trump voter and oppose many (most?) of his policies. That said, anyone with any intellectual honesty can… https://t.co/YwC6UZbIhs


1 day ago

Donald Trump Jr.

100% True - Former Campaign official on George Conway🔥 “I distinctly remember him prancing around the campaign off… https://t.co/qMSI4iYnqy


1 day ago

Robert Reich

As CEO of the Gap, Art Peck made 1,000 times than his employees, pocketing $20 million a year. At the same time, t… https://t.co/2nb5nvTx7k


13 hours ago

Mark Harris

@espn Based on his belligerent interview afterwards, he doesn’t want a job...he just wanted attention 🤷🏻‍♂️


just now

Catholic Shop

Help bring lost Catholics back to the Church. Click The Link To Donate Now: https://t.co/cjf2tUGAnm https://t.co/mUFCy8Ll4F


just now

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