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Le Pandu φ

@LeMediaTV Alors super initiative, par contre la première fois que j'en ai eu connaissance, il n'y avait pas le ch… https://t.co/xzLGxoPO5p


1 week ago

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Kamala Harris

As head into next week, I want you to keep up the pressure against this tax bill. 📞Call Congress at (202) 224-3121… https://t.co/lh9gfX9nWq


1 day ago

Stan Collender

Please retweet widely: The "Trump Family and Friends Tax Cut" is almost a textbook definition of economic insanity.… https://t.co/mFFFfLNOiW


1 day ago

Donald J. Trump

Republican Senators are working very hard to get Tax Cuts and Tax Reform approved. Hopefully it will not be long an… https://t.co/m0GyFBDPkQ


22 hours ago

Anita Kumar

McCaskill vote on GOP tax bill could be tough sell in Trump-loving Missouri via @lindsaywise https://t.co/wSM- 34sofjZ


4 seconds ago


RT @econjared: 1-stop shopping from @paulkrugman on pretty much everything that's wrong w/ the increasingly unpopular tax cut plan. Concise…


4 seconds ago

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