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One Must Flee

I'm beginning to suspect my aversion to candle wax floor polish is clinical but I'm reluctant to check it out since… https://t.co/VAplZUxCpN


52 minutes ago


@Bonginkocy_m 😭😭😭😭 Ukufuna ufile hey


1 hour ago

uNgidi Omhlophe

RT @Marest01: @LeDeepsoul Uphumula ufile.


2 hours ago

2 hours ago

Jay Gatsby

@KaraboRithuri_ Ufile that guy. He can’t defend and he can’t pass.


2 hours ago

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Chip Franklin InsideTheBeltway.com

BOOM: "Mary Trump gave tax documents to the Manhattan DA that she thinks may help nail her uncle for tax fraud."… https://t.co/I8XhbPgYrO


12 hours ago

Judd Legum

THINGS THE SENATE IS ALLOWED TO DO BY MAJORITY VOTE 1. Pass multi-trillion dollar tax cuts for corporations 2. Co… https://t.co/zueFI4crYj


1 day ago

Sam Stein

Bernie announces his next move: An amendment to take tax deductions away from large corporations that don't pay abo… https://t.co/23AnCSvqER


1 day ago

fã de the 100.

RT @taylorswiftbr: Hey @taylorswift13, we need help! Swifties refund requests are being denied. Can you and @treepaine help us on getting o…


just now

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