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Antonio Anastasia

Pessoal, não entendi por que o meu adversário apagou o plano de governo do site dele. Será que ficou com vergonha?… https://t.co/jGYF1mjxzg


1 week ago

Eddie Vee

@ikaneng1 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ufile wena


1 minute ago

Ƥ1 Hacker 👑🇸🇦.

RT @57h: حيا الله الجميع .. طبتم وطابت ايامكم .. اليوم يا اخوان احب اقدم لكم اداة Report twitter على حساب كلب الشهره دعك قطر ! طبعاً الهد…


2 hours ago

Galo 1️⃣3️⃣#Haddad Vasco

Baixe e escute aqui https://t.co/ZFQKL8OAPg


7 hours ago

Latest tweets mentioning “UFile | Tax Software for Canadians. Get the best tax refund”

Charlie Kirk

Democrat hypocrisy: Despite repeatedly bashing the great Tax Cuts & Jobs act for not making tax cuts permanent for… https://t.co/5Ub6pb2bPC


1 day ago

Kamala Harris

In case you missed it in all the news this week: Republicans are using the deficit their tax scam caused to justify… https://t.co/y4Oq48mpxg


1 day ago

David Frum

As President Trump demands the "maximum penalties, both civil and criminal" for "VOTER FRAUD," do be sure if you ha… https://t.co/mMZl8iYBdQ


1 day ago

Christian Flanders

RT @PoetTaxiDriver: I used to work in software development. We had a saying: "The first 95% of the work takes 95% of the time, the last 5%…


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