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Nate MacInnes

@UFile do you have information on the platform status? https://t.co/KABqK4cPwY does not seem to be responding.… https://t.co/wbk2uFVon1


1 day ago


Cyber Monday Sale starts early - Take advantage of our lowest price for UFile ONLINE 2021. Pay now and save up to 2… https://t.co/XfeNspiQoz


5 days ago

Latest tweets mentioning “UFile | Tax Software for Canadians. Get the best tax refund”

Anshul Saxena

According to the Bihar State Board of Religious Trusts, every temple in Bihar will have to pay 4% tax from now onwa… https://t.co/GdZbwdHAnn


22 hours ago

President Biden

For years congressional Republicans have passed tax giveaways for the rich and new spending without even giving a t… https://t.co/lT5jqngJkr


1 day ago

Angela Belcamino

Tax Joel Osteen. Tax ALL churches. Who agrees?


12 hours ago

Bipul Kumar pritom

RT @KingLionTec: KING LION 💎Doxxed by Dessert Finance 💎KYC Done On Pinksale. Audited and verified contract 💎Presale on Pinksale on 7th Dec…


just now


Pest Control S/w for Service AMC + CRM + ERP + HRMS + Payroll - https://t.co/cHnOvDBcSh


just now

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