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ᴷᵃʸˡᵃ¹²⁷ °》Wakey Wakey《°

icb I saw a little girl running on street in a crop top shoeless then mysteriously disappear behind a FedEx truck I'm so ??????


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Tentei fazer e não funcionou https://t.co/KIrTxKtC5w


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@iridescentwon icb they called drinking beer a tita event, pambata yon, gusto nila ng tita event dun sila sa mary grace 😂


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RT @myeyesonyoo: HAHAHAHA ICB HE KEPT HIS WORD https://t.co/q1r38N3oRD


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caps 💋

I guess I'm just full of love and look at how polite I am im always saying thank and ICB I USED MOOMOOSELCADAY MORE… https://t.co/acfLAOa9LP


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Ryan Saavedra

BREAKING: The Pentagon has notified Congress that it has authorized the transfer of $1 billion to begin new wall co… https://t.co/WmKi6P132W


23 hours ago

Charlie Kirk

BREAKING: Pentagon just authorized $1 billion for Trump’s border wall More coming, the Wall is getting built


22 hours ago

Dalai Lama

The ultimate source of a happy life is warmheartedness. Even animals display some sense of compassion. When it come… https://t.co/CtmSzA6anS


15 hours ago

Fluffy Boi Tredain

RT @the_moviebob: The most bizarre thing about all of this remains WB looking at BATMAN V SUPERMAN and thinking they had a billion-dollar s…


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