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[Interview] @justincormack shares how the modern operating system is being decomposed, and what the kernel space se… https://t.co/4dptMoZfS3


1 week ago

infoQ Japan

ニュースをアップしました『C# 8の小さな機能』#InfoQJapan  https://- t.co/Paj5TyNwqy


2 minutes ago

infoQ Japan

ニュースをアップしました『Mozilla、ARのための新し- いオープンWeb APIとしてWebXRを推進』#InfoQJapan  h- ttps://t.co/auabZ1A3qB


3 minutes ago

infoQ Japan

ニュースをアップしました『MicrosoftがAzure管- 理グループの提供開始を発表』#InfoQJapan  ht- tps://t.co/7ycgoDk6Hv


3 minutes ago

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Ronan Farrow

A new allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh surfaces, this time from his years at Yale. The late… https://t.co/6OK5XgUCi4


1 day ago

UNICEF Media 💜

"The change in demographics the world is experiencing, coupled with fast-moving technological advances, presents a… https://t.co/9cwoZ7PZYF


16 hours ago

Manchester News MEN

A new 22-storey hotel tower could be built next to a historic former bank on Piccadilly https://t.co/XWKTdMk6Ax


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2 Works for You

Companies offering big incentives to holiday hires https://t.co/iwDew89GlX https://t.co/tgRkWSZK7b


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Blackpool Gazette

NATIONAL NEWS: "He couldn't cope with the voices in his head, he was trying to get through the pain of withdrawal o… https://t.co/Ct28hvQpGR


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