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Matt Raible

The JHipster Mini-Book 5.0 has been released! 🎈🎊🎉😃 Download your free copy today from @InfoQ →… https://t.co/zKtFHw8pPe


3 days ago

5G Matters

Android Gets Ready for Foldable Phones by @diogocarleto via @InfoQBrasil https://t.co/svIO7fVnYU #And- roid #Kotlin… https://t.co/Am74jsdyR9


7 minutes ago

Alex Espinoza

RT @myfear: Stateful Service Design Considerations for the #Kubernetes Stack https://t.co/e8N4p3UmBB | an @InfoQ interview with @jboner


21 minutes ago

Rafael Rocha

RT @danielbryantuk: An excellent @InfoQ summary by @talonx -> "The Evolution of @UberEng's 100+ Petabyte Big Data Platform" https://t.co/5x…


28 minutes ago

Vicki Whiting, Ph.D.

Fun at Work: Building an Organizational Culture in Which People Can Flourish https://t.co/EbWkF8RmLS


38 minutes ago

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SINoALICE -シノアリス-

【#シノコン 拡散セヨ】 11月23日、24日にシノアリス初のコンサート- を開催します! 来場者特典や、会場限定コンサートグッズも販- 売! チケット一般販売中です! さらに本ツイートが20,- 000リツイート達成で、全員に『魔晶石30… https://t.co/pPfa98kEWg


15 hours ago

Bill Maher

Before election, I told Trump voters, as soon as its over, the caravan will disappear from the news...see? And to t… https://t.co/2dlqHhZjCN


1 day ago


RT @mariposita119: Suso y el machismo. Se silencia. Su madre y videos en el confe. Angel y la xenofobia. Se le llama la atención en una gal…


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