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Pomp 🌪

If this data is accurate, we should all be very scared. https://t.co/ah8cW8j- Klp


14 hours ago

Erik Voorhees

The world's most important entrepreneur is being harassed by the SEC because he's wrong-speaking about a dog meme 😅… https://t.co/uOedQPlhD5


1 day ago

Daniel Lacalle

Treasury Yields Explode After Catastrophic, Tailing 7Y Auction. https://t.co/huVFnl- ptM7


1 day ago


RT @zerohedge: Huawei Plans New Electric Car As US Sanctions Crush Cellphone Business https://t.co/xEAKwWs2pI


just now

Jaime Carrasco

Great follow up https://t.co/IfV5XMqeEG


just now

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Jake Tapper

Yes, hi, I see all you folks willing to look away from the brutal slaughter of a US resident and Washington Post co… https://t.co/3dyTtY5r8S


8 hours ago

Imran Khan

I congratulate the entire nation & salute our Armed Forces on the 2nd Anniversary of our response to India's illega… https://t.co/z6WSKeAoUi


5 hours ago

J. Martinez

RT @vox_es: ⚠️ Magrebí apuñala hasta la muerte al sacristán de la iglesia de Consolación de Alcalá la Real, en Jaén. No es un caso aislado…


just now


RT @N_Trastamara: 🛑 Un mendigo de origen magrebí mata a puñaladas a un sacristán en una iglesia de Alcalá La Real. El buen hombre estaba c…


just now

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