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Get Gamed

Sea of Thieves is enjoying a resurgence on Twitch: There are some big names out on the sea Continue reading… via… https://t.co/g2WyYacOec


5 minutes ago


Born 2 Hoop: Born 2 Hoop Basketball excels in providing opportunities for players who aspire to play at the highest… https://t.co/ok5lFOLlSe


25 minutes ago

Just the FACTS

#Thinkers The Layers of Motherhood: In what she calls a "time-tunnel artwork", photographer Annie Wang has been tak… https://t.co/KOOl7BVLLC


30 minutes ago

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

This reinforces lazy tropes about women leaders in media: - Older + seasoned, but unlikeable - Passionate, but angr… https://t.co/H9PNmyAKGH


5 hours ago

Ana Navarro

I’ve met @KamalaHarris. She’s relatable, comfortable in her skin, smart, tough & hard to put in a niche. She’s seri… https://t.co/O0eQNIfqAA


1 day ago


RT @StrayKids_C9: [INFO] Streaming link for 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards on January 23rd: • Show at 7:00PM KST 🔗https://t.co/8PELXsVzrW - #…


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