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Hal Habib

Debate over: Game officials blew the call by not crediting Jordan Phillips, Dolphins with a safety on the sack of B… https://t.co/Gv5TWQ5r1t


1 day ago

Matt Porter

Mark Richt shared an update on injured RB Mark Walton, who is off crutches and apparently in good spirits:… https://t.co/GPXPnkD13F


18 hours ago

Janmarco Santiago

RT @Anthony_Chiang: New: How intense were Heat’s practices leading up to win vs. Celtics? Dragic called them ‘toughest practices’ in his ca…


5 minutes ago

So FL Trending

RT @thingstodopb: Here’s a Black Friday dining guide to help you find those bites you may enjoy. https://t.co/GepXRtQCZ9 #BlackFriday #Wes…


6 minutes ago

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JJ Ryan

Just got done doing my video interview with @BTS_twt 🙌 Wait until you hear the “confidential” and “top secret” news… https://t.co/JyDO0js0qo


1 day ago

【公式】Fate/Grand Order

【カルデア広報局より】 11月22日(水)18:00より「- 1100万DL突破キャンペーン」開催!期間中のログインで聖- 晶石召喚10回分の報酬をプレゼントなど!詳しくは→http- s://t.co/vBMx6iF6Wf #FateGO https://t.co/Mbs1SNlxJm


1 day ago


Music experts discuss whether @BTS_twt would be an option for the Best New Artist Grammy nom https://t.co/D4E54cSXQq https://t.co/F6G5mL6YUt


19 hours ago

Blaise of Glory

RT @SlopeOfHope: THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER https://t.co/XrGxqWhiAK


1 second ago

🌲둥글게 둥글게🌲양현주

RT @chang30141: 안철수 대표는 당협위원장들이 많은 위기를 느끼고 있다는 걸 실감했지만, 이를 극복해야 한다는 마음은 모두 같았다며, 앞으로 당원과 오피니언 리더 등으로부터도 다양한 의견을 수렴하겠다고 말했습니다. https://t.co/…


1 second ago

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