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Serge Sakayan

-Custom Engagement Ring . -Bague de fiançailles personnalisée. . #onlineboutique : https://t.co/nbqbyqimoB . -Te- x… https://t.co/WGmyDJJrLT


4 days ago

Serge Sakayan

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6 days ago

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Meghan McCain

There is no woman on planet earth, celebrity or private who could behave as unhinged and erratic as Kanye has the p… https://t.co/uBe6DEsMjn


1 day ago

John Sipher

“No more red-carpet ceremonies, no more “resets,” no more invitations to prestigious summits — in short, democracie… https://t.co/MKjuA6Jigs


17 hours ago

Jordi Cruz Mas

Muchas felicidades a @anamchef8_ por una merecida y trabajada victoria. Mil gracias a todos los aspirantes de esta… https://t.co/yRE2AhWXAk


14 hours ago

Andrew Tumilson

RT @theRCN: Join us for an online talk tomorrow by Professor @annemarieraffer, RCN President, on Florence Nightingale's legacy. Discussing…


just now


RT @robsmithonline: BLM needs all the celebrity manpower they can get to obscure their true agenda, the destruction of the nuclear family,…


just now

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