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Doni habib

@Urbannomad4true @IsmailRoyer @furhanana @keetuijaz yes because the religious ones dont leave iran. unlike somalian… https://t.co/mpkM9tmCyJ


6 hours ago

James Scali

@Hoosiers1986 What is Obama gonna put in his presidential library ? A pen phone his golf clubs ? Pitchers of Cuba,… https://t.co/6WOci1QTFJ


11 hours ago


Ghoddos Catches the Eyes of Premier League Clubs #Iran https://t.co/8OR9Jn1Ehl


12 hours ago

Persian Gulf

Ghoddos Catches the Eyes of Premier League Clubs #Powerful_Iran #PersianGulf https://t.co/nYUVwmno5n


15 hours ago


@JLo Greetings from Iran to you J.Lo. Here, most of people like you & listen to your songs. Your albums everyday ar… https://t.co/NqGUtDPiIx


16 hours ago

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Joy Reid

Recognize that this in essence a culture war: youth culture, popular culture and the culture of normalcy vs the par… https://t.co/mehAl7U2k5


1 day ago

Clifton Kinnie

When we organized in Ferguson, we were labeled thugs & criminals. 800 of us walked out for #MikeBrown. The media sa… https://t.co/owSZQQlFnm


15 hours ago

Amy Siskind

This is an important point - Parkland may be the spark, but youth-based activism was underway. https://t.co/1Kq9Pztprk


10 hours ago

Darryl Lock

RT @PhiladelphiaPGA: Teams from @PhiladelphiaPGA & @NJPGA trade in their golf clubs for for hockey sticks to raise money for @PGAREACH #pga…


just now

Pooria Toof

RT @SedSia: This is not a playground. Those are dead bodies in #Syria. #BasharalAssad with the help of the Iranian general Hamedani, who wa…


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