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Tehseen Poonawalla

Are u joking me ? What are we now ? Iran ? If this story is true ..We should be ashamed of ourselves !! Thinking of… https://t.co/OquPgZyQjT


6 days ago

fyi they make coconut water otter pops now

the paykan was the ‘national car’ of iran, a variant of the british hillman hunter, manufactured by iran khodro for… https://t.co/P9e9u9N1e9


13 hours ago

Histoviedo R.O

@cadquitina @RealOviedo Aunque no se vaya los primeros días...se irán cogiendo asientos libres...entonces porque ot… https://t.co/Sa07peZLlz


1 day ago

Jaime Jessop

@aboutye1 @BBobwalker Yes, Trump is so 'elite', he unilaterally withdrew from the UN IPCC 'Paris Climate Agreement'… https://t.co/S7393A9L55


1 day ago

Jose Muñoz

@elmundoes Jejeje seguramente irán a inspeccionar otro tipo de vida nocturna, como la que hay en los clubs nocturno… https://t.co/F9VhL9Hekf


1 day ago

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James Woods

I lived during the Cold War in my youth. It was a disconcerting and truly dangerous time. When I see the world’s tw… https://t.co/cPQF1WHqD9


1 day ago


DAY6 1ST WORLD TOUR 'Youth' in MANILA Ticket Open! 2018.07.25(WED) 12PM(PHT) @ Ticketnet (https://t.co/rZ0qtIcytT) https://t.co/599CWYwEyv


1 day ago


Klopp, 2016: "Other clubs can go out and spend more money, I want to do it differently. I would even do it differ… https://t.co/eNo9VOVpLa


4 hours ago

Shigeaki Dev Team

Now Trending on Digg, The Downsides of America’s Hyper-Competitive Youth-Soccer Industry https://t.co/PvkijWkl1a https://t.co/Gvz37ZhNJo


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