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Jayson Kennedy

Found a region free Pioneer DVD player (DV-120K) at Savers for five bucks. Can't test since they just all the outle… https://t.co/HwerFIvKc6


1 day ago


How to fix a scratched DVD or CD A scratched edition of your favorite DVD is no good, but our guide will show you… https://t.co/6nipmJvl0D


4 days ago


Yesterday i got ID’d in Morrisons for buying a Deadpool dvd, so i showed them two forms of ID but it wasn’t valid..… https://t.co/jYID2T9oMx


4 days ago


@CharmedDaily I start to watch last weekend in my Dvd and i am Season 4 episode 15. This is my ultimate faavorite d… https://t.co/EXRyhyOfAC


4 days ago

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Carlos Bolsonaro

Se ele estiver assistindo GloboNews estará muito feliz! A minimização das manifestações que ocorrem em todo Brasil… https://t.co/n4r3AZdHvQ


10 hours ago

Natasha Bertrand

In July, Trump stood on stage with Putin and said he didn’t “see any reason why it would be Russia” that interfered… https://t.co/0sn1aOMR8P


1 day ago

Jair Bolsonaro 1️⃣7️⃣

A intolerância dos “tolerantes”! Mais um dos milhares de exemplos, inclusive a tentativa de assassinato que sofri p… https://t.co/FFfFh0iTJo


1 day ago


RT @USCIRF: PRESS RELEASE: Vice Chair @ArriagaKristina adopts two religious prisoners of conscience detained in #Russia - Ivan Matsitsky an…


just now

David Ortinau

RT @matthewrdev: Need to remove an image from your mobile app? Use @mfractor's delete image asset shortcut to remove an image and all its…


just now

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