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Rat ✨ 🐀🐀🐀

Wish I took a better picture but that's my Maki nesoberi seeing herself on the big screen The LLFes DV was a lot o… https://t.co/XpCrWhNLP9


9 hours ago


SEVENTEEN セブチ 交換 買取 Ode to You DVD 譲 全員ハイタッチ会エントリーカード 1枚 求 買取 > ホシ 通常盤DVD トレカ 三菱UFJ銀行になります。 画像の注意事項をお読- み下さい。 買取希望… https://t.co/L7W56tWLha


1 day ago


SEVENTEEN セブチ 交換 Ode to You DVD 初回限定盤 トレカ 譲 ウォヌ 求 同種ホシ 郵送でのお取引 硬質ケース・防水包装にて同日発- 送を希望します。 条件合いましたらご連絡下さい>< https://t.co/0kRJ9I4DGK


1 day ago


@brandybongos So Id love to the difference between the #notallmen and the #Ridewithme. Actually female to male dvd… https://t.co/DOiJOdZqmJ


6 days ago

Alex Davis

I may have not got to watch the Sonic movie in theaters, but that's not going to stop me from watching it. When the… https://t.co/vNbZwCsiAx


1 week ago

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It was on this day... in 2020... the internet was graced with the most pure video known to mankind #BTSCarpool https://t.co/tBy7ON05zJ


10 hours ago

Alec Benjamin TTW

3 fandoms capable of breaking the internet: 1. Brazilian fans 2. Kpop fans 3. Brazilian Kpop fans


1 day ago

Abraham Weintraub

A hipocrisia dessa "liberal" não me irrita. Sempre lutarei pela liberdade total para falarem mal de mim (ou de qual… https://t.co/YHe0mX8NaA


19 hours ago

Eva Cruz

RT @BNODesk: BREAKING: Iran reports 44 new cases of coronavirus and 4 new deaths, raising total to 139 cases and 19 deaths https://t.co/eUo…


just now


RT @DimeFritz: Si estás leyendo este tuit, es por que existe la neutralidad de la red. Día de Acción - Salvemos Internet https://t.co/g6GeY…


just now

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