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Jesse Hawken

2016: "Come on, you're talking like Trump's going to put people in concentration camps" 2018: "First of all, I thi… https://t.co/t1doEVQt6k


1 day ago

Ana Navarro

Children crying out for their “mamita”; mocking a child with down-syndrome; “Tender-Age” detention centers for babi… https://t.co/GrrH2pBoA5


1 day ago

Michael B. Jordan

Finally it’s here!! New trailer for CREED II 🔥🔥🔥🔥 In theaters november 21st!! @creedmovie #Creed2 https://t.co/i1U0dg3Jwq


1 day ago


it’s always a good day to send hand pics https://t.co/bUtkupMgcr


just now

Stillborn Unicorn 🍞🌹🇸🇾 🇵🇸

@capt_hoho Let's not pretend the American flag was some sanctimonious thing because obviously it wasn't. A bunch of… https://t.co/qhsEVrEtGb


just now