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🔴PURO ⚔️

@bux ..io..la Volkswagen ce l'ho già!😁


3 days ago

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Sergii Shymko

Wondering what ideal #GZIP compression settings are for #magento2 responses. Great article on IIS equally applies t… https://t.co/Pkxh3TDrA9


just now


一昨日、kusanagiのdocker起動して、nginx- のコンフがなくて怒られるとこまではできたからコンフ入れて画- 面が表示されるくらいまでなら夜できるかな?


8 minutes ago

Gabriel de Oliveira

@aeflash @visnup @CouchDB @npmjs @ceejbot Already watching it, since the video is 2015, did you guys are still using Nginx?


23 minutes ago

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