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Manuel Bompard

Emmanuel #Macron mène une politique ultralibérale, il est un dernier fossile hérité de Thatcher. Aujourd'hui, il se… https://t.co/9NEgUNQsTv


1 week ago

Antonio Bux

@marcodemeu Se tra le trasmissioni RAI o Mediaset ne trovi qualcuna più obiettiva, diccelo, che le seguiamo volentieri 🤣🤣🤣


just now


@theweeaboss catch me requesting exhibition scams and schlurping up all of those salty bux


10 minutes ago

Sanjay Singh

RT @SanjayS00663282: @SurajPrSingh @anshul_aliganj @Chandrapida1 From #Mir_Bux the financial head in #Mughal_Time_ some of them inheriate…


19 minutes ago

Sanjay Singh

@SurajPrSingh @anshul_aliganj @Chandrapida1 From #Mir_Bux the financial head in #Mughal_Time_ some of them inheri… https://t.co/RZsV3AlV3L


20 minutes ago

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Alisa Esage Шевченко

Heads up: my nginx offensive research and this bugs will be presented at @offensive_con. Formal announcement later https://t.co/FcrIJCDMnT


1 day ago


Nginx が CONNECT メソッドを受け付けない問題に直面して1日の苦労が無駄になり- そうだったけど、もっと簡単な方法を見つけて解決した。 報わ- れたんだかどうなんだか分からない木曜日の昼下がり


58 seconds ago

Brendan Gaughan

With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to brush up on the Phishing and Fraud Report from F5… https://t.co/Rx08JehVln


5 minutes ago

Mathias Hertlein

fyi: There is a offical nginx-unprivileged docker image, so you don't need to configure the www-data user by yourse… https://t.co/mHe9cINF4N


5 minutes ago

Joseph Muli 🐢

Hey Tech Twitter, anyone with leads on how to visualize traffic between Nginx and Upstream servers?


13 minutes ago

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