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Thomas A. Roth

l site. Here, you should be civil. And remember, you are not anonymous. Every device that can get on the web has… https://t.co/O5bNyQJ5Y2


33 minutes ago

⚓ Eri 🐉 ceo of ichiro's tiddies

@l_phos Me pasas tu id del server inglés??


34 minutes ago

SuezQ-activated 04/2019

RT @EM_KA_17: 💣💥💣💥💣💥 D E C L A S S I F I C A T I O N of the C L I N T O N Server-Gate (Investigation of the DOJ’s a…


48 minutes ago

💜🦌 Ju 🦌🧡

Me: Post timeskip he likes to dress in fancy, impractical (fabulous) clothing and armour Friends: Okay but how woul… https://t.co/23BnIrlkX2


54 minutes ago

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