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taguuuuuy 😬

Basketball Rules for Traveling | https://t.co/TahdVFdvqy https://t.co/6YgdU9dDch


4 minutes ago


8 One-Pan Meals That Will Change the Way You #Cook: https://t.co/iCdsiJ61- bg


39 minutes ago

Integrative Wellness

10 Weird Signs You're Not Getting Enough Nutrients | https://t.co/oOJ9019Xpa https://t.co/RQfhNmi5Wz


1 hour ago

Gillian Dempsey

@MarcStarvaggi @Rationalist69 But the article was incorrect - the later studies showed it was plain wrong. I linked… https://t.co/Yc09Yk8hIH


1 hour ago

Nasiff Associates

RT @Nasiff_Inc: 7 Healthy-ish Recipes for Christmas That Are Anything But Boring https://t.co/bqc8E7BrzQ via @livestrong_com


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Hillary Clinton

We should all bear witness to the humanitarian crisis at our border and continue to work to stop it. "Thousands of… https://t.co/kKEOymarAc


1 day ago

Newt Gingrich

We know for a fact that walls work. We need a wall to protect America. It's that simple. https://t.co/CNzARprUxJ https://t.co/cKAXDLVsKI


6 hours ago

Michael Heaver

No Deal Brexit petition has hit 207,000 sigs, more than 130,000 people have signed since Saturday. Those who say… https://t.co/v9wpi1uA6d


20 hours ago


Lo simple y las personas que quiero. Lo demás es puro cuento


just now


Suddenly, everyone thinks simple is better because it's owned by Warren Buffet...imagine if this was Buhari's websi… https://t.co/IzFE2ALGvx


just now

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