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Menz Watchez

RT @int3riordeziner: Ever thought, how can you possibly live with less when you’ve got kids? Well, the thing is, kids need #minimalism as m…


2 minutes ago

(((Stargazer Alpaca)))

RT @MinaANDMaya: #Conservationists are celebrating another big step towards protecting a beloved family of endangered #orcas in the Pacific…


6 minutes ago

Viviana Velasquez

RT @MinaANDMaya: Great news! Animal advocates are applauding lawmakers in #Canada for bringing the country closer to embracing cruelty-free…


8 minutes ago

Doug Thomsen

New Trial Evidence Suggests Government Colluded With Monsanto | Care2 Healthy Living https://t.co/EkwwNnzS0E


17 minutes ago


Some time on your hands with the public holidays? Did you know that #declutterring has some amazing benefits?… https://t.co/w86oSsf7GL


24 minutes ago

Latest tweets mentioning “Care2 is the world's largest social network for good, a community of over 40 million people standing together, starting petitions and sharing stories”

James Woods

Astonishing what Trump has done with this economy, and all despite a two year drag on his efforts by the worst mob… https://t.co/8OiBne2yaG


9 hours ago

Donald J. Trump

Wishing a Happy Passover to all those celebrating in America, Israel, and around the world! https://t.co/h3wgLZ4mxS


9 hours ago

NCT 127

NCT 127 Superhuman Premiere in New York, Let’s get it! https://t.co/RoUs4i5lmw - #NEOCITY_TOURBUS #NCT127inUSA… https://t.co/23IlyanzMD


8 hours ago

Michael Merrick

The way we've created a grad-class protectionism, and put a glass ceiling on the non-graduate population, denying t… https://t.co/ppU4U5Gf7r


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