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Daniel Jones has pretty solid #manningface #TNF


3 days ago

Pat Morrow

Dangit I didn't even have time to make a Daniel Brown #manningface joke before Tom returned the favor


3 days ago

Big Poppa

LOL the #manningface lives on


3 days ago

Armin Rosen

Clayton Kershaw with some serious Manningface


4 days ago


RT @AATalkStuff: 🚨New Pod🚨 Is Eli Manning A Hall Of Famer? #EliManning has #HallofFame moments and Hall of Fame performances. But is he…


5 days ago

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B/R Gridiron

Eli Manning likes having an air of mystery, and his friends say he finds it "hilarious" some people have "reduced [… https://t.co/fCBjTmDrHU


1 day ago

Sports Illustrated

The pressure, the Super Bowls, the fame, the disappointment, the boos, the jokes, and the unsolvable quarterback be… https://t.co/zFXCM35wlv


3 days ago

Democratic Savage! #cougar2020! #fbr 🌊

RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: The people who worried about Barron seeing Kathy Griffin holding a fake severed head that looked sort of like his father…


21 minutes ago

Democratic Savage! #cougar2020! #fbr 🌊

RT @yesgregyes: Didn't Kathy Griffin get visited by the FBI, face death threats, have her career stolen? It's time for Anderson Cooper to g…


21 minutes ago

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