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OMD Worldwide

What an amazing week! We are also celebrating being the no.1 media agency in new business globally according to… https://t.co/Y26P3tayZR


15 hours ago

Sven Hagemeier

RT @MediaPost: The target is the message: @TheTradeDesk uses consumer buys to reach ad execs https://t.co/gBpTJZAGgB @mp_joemandese https:/…


14 seconds ago


RT @skyalphabet: Interesting to see how much people trust @FOXTV https://t.co/iBPaWzYcNj https://t.co/BQVydAWQ4Q


7 minutes ago

Silvio Thiess ★★★★★

Digital Ad Impression Quality Dips In Q4 https://t.co/LNSDfBh4Dy


31 minutes ago

Alian Software

InboxAds Debuts WordPress Plugin For Monetizing Email Newsletters https://t.co/sh2- hZiy9UW #webdevelopment… https://t.co/Nz2NBUjqIa


33 minutes ago

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𝕄𝕦𝕗𝕥𝕚 𝕄𝕖𝕟𝕜

Social media envy is real. It’s fuelled by the fact that people share only their finest moments as if the whole aim… https://t.co/CMCH0MsgFb


1 day ago

Marcelo Adnet

Brasil, compartilhou, viralizou, nem viu. E o país inteiro assim sambou, caiu na fake news! #SaoClemente https://t.co/DQF24Sd03U


20 hours ago

Jim Bridenstine

Our @NASA family is sad to learn the news that Katherine Johnson passed away this morning at 101 years old. She was… https://t.co/XnoQ5OSmd0


1 day ago

kyum's babe💜ทาสรักพิจบมที่ใจบางกับน้อนแบม🥺

RT @G_PT01: @kamphaka น่าจะได้ครับ ต้องไปยื่นทั้งที่สถานฑูตอเมริ- กาด้วย ทั้งที่ สนง FB ด้วย น่าจะเข้าข่าย Act of terrorism ผิดกฎหมายของอเมริ…


just now


RT @issacjosh: 코로나19 감염 40분만에 진단하는 장비 나와... 진시스템 최초 개발 https://t.co/7WuJCQmjji 기존 6시간에서 40분! 한국은 뭐든 빠름빠름~~ 빨리 상용화 되길!!


just now

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